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Living in New York City

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“Its been exactly 8 months since I moved to New York City from Los Angeles and it’s crazy to think that I did it, I actually did it.”

I moved to New York City because I wanted to see more of the world and figure out what it was that I really wanted. When I moved to NYC 8 months ago, I was afraid, I was worried, but I was also excited. New York is a completely different city from Los Angeles. You ride the subway to get from point A to point B you take a taxi and you walk a lot, I mean a lot. In Los Angeles, you hop in your car and that’s it, maybe stop by the gas station to fill up your tank.

But what I love most about living in this crazy city, is the people. Weird right? people get the impression that New Yorkers, are rude but to me they’re just honest people trying to get by in this crazy world. I walk around the city, and all I see are people who are willing to give everything for their dreams. No matter what the hustle is, people are doing it. You meet all types of people, a few months ago I remember meeting a lady on the subway she told me about her whole life story literally in the few minutes we had together. I loved that she didn’t sugarcoat anything she told me about how she came here from Ecuador so her kids could have a better life.Even though it gets hard sometimes she will never leave New York City. I think I loved the fact that she shared her life with me in that short moment we met. She wasn’t the only encounter that I’ve heard life stories about either, from the past few months of being here, people will tell you everything. Being from Los Angeles, people aren’t so open about their lives, but New York changes you every so often and I kind of love it.

While living here the weather is another thing, back in Los Angeles you don’t get to feel the different seasons. Its 70 degrees all year long there! You can wear your bathing suits in the winter and sun bathe at the beach maybe even go to a few pool parties. But here in New York, the seasons tell you everything if it’s fall, it’s fall! And if it’s winter it’s winter. Yesterday it started to snow, it was beautiful! People tell me how annoyed I will start to get of the snow, but for now I’m enjoying every last minute. A few weeks back we had a blizzard so everyone had to evacuate the roads by 11pm. Being from the west coast we don’t have much blizzards, etc so I ended up watching the news the whole 2 days before the blizzard came. I think the news scares everyone because all they told people to do, was run to the grocery store and buy everything you need to prepare for the blizzard. And that’s exactly what everyone did, they ran to the grocery store and bought everything! The media is influential like that. So different from Los Angeles, where we complain about the heavy rain when there’s blizzards over here! Anyways enough of my ranting for now…

I guess I just want to write on here to share my experience with you all. More to come…


Ashly Cabral

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Sorry guys for taking so long on putting up another post! But I’m back on and so excited to share with you, a fun DIY project to add a little spice to your table tops and shelves! All under $25


1.  Jars – You can purchase these at Moskatals in DTLA or a local Micheals ($1.49 – $3.99)

2. Assorted Rocks – Whatever shape & size works perfectly. ($3.99 and up )

3. Spray Paint – Make sure to purchase a primer so that whatever color you want to use comes out nicer

4. Tarp and a well ventilated area


1.Start out preparing your space to spray paint your rocks and lid of your jars. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area please =)

2. Lay out your rocks like below and spray paint them with the primer (let it dry on each side for a good 30min)

3. Once primed take the color that you want to use and spray paint over the already primed rocks

4. Take 8.5 x 11 Sheets of paper and spray paint both sides with the color you are using then when dry crumble it

5. take the jar and fill it with the rocks. In the middle place the colored crumbled paper and place it in the middle this will allow you to take up the middle space so you don’t have to buy too many rocks.

6. close the jar & tadaaa! your done =)

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“The Best Panang Curry I have ever tasted in my life!”

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a curry like this before. It was so good! I’m salivating talking about it every bite that I took of that curry was different every single time .

This place is a newly opened Thai Street Food restaurant in the Grand Central Market of downtown LA. I have yet to discover the  best kept secrets at this market. While having the best food experience of my life it was gratifying to see how passionate the chefs were. They interacted with each and every one of their customers and were so excited to hear the, “ooohs and ahhhs and omg! this is so good” remarks. I think I loved seeing how much passion they put into the food. I love the fact that they only have 3 things on the menu. It made it that much easier to order. Anyways, back to my curry story… right when you take a bite of this curry an explosion of flavor hits every single taste bud because its soooo good! I kicked myself for not trying their sticky rice which was what they were named after! Anyways I  will be back again to try another one of their explosion filled flavor dishes. Ughh.. I’m hungry thinking about it.

Anyways! Happy Friday everyone have an amazing Friday night. Try to discover something new today… =)

Yours Truly!

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Front view of my living room.

Everything in this photo was either found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market or Craigslist. I love every part of this living room and I hope you guys do too! I did a few DIY projects as well and spray paint became my best friend through it all lol!


COUCH $700.00 (Z Gallerie Outlet) , Coffee table $90(Rose Bowl Flea Market), Side Mirrored Glass Table $45 (Rose Bowl Flea Market), Lamp $19 (Craigslist – came in silver so I spray painted it gold) Pillows $17 (DIY project materials from Micheal Levine DTLA).

in the dining area my fiance bought me all those pieces so that doesn’t count for being budget friendly. The ikea console was a fun project someone on craigslist sold it to us for $100 and I bought the two wood onlays for $8 each the whole thing plus spray paint cost me about $121.00 for the T.V console. I love wood onlays because it can make anything look like its worth $$$ you can purchase it on and you can also look on google and maybe you can find them for cheaper. The sunburst mirror took forever and a day lols! but it cost me about $40 to make. There are various tutorials on pinterest! I followed